Tile Cleaning Products to Help Protect Your Tiles

Written By: Sunset Carpet Cleaning on Jan 21, 2011

Tile Cleaning Products to Help Protect Your Tiles

Ceramic tiles are one of the best flooring options. It can last a lifetime and can easily be cleaned and maintained. It is also cost effective because of the longevity it offers. These and several other factors are the main reasons why homeowners prefer to use ceramic tiles in their homes, nevertheless there is one main problem associated with tile cleaning and that is no less than the appearance of grouts in between your tiles.

The existence of grouts in between your tiles may ruin the elegance and beauty of your floors so it is best to protect your tiles from this type of deterioration by using the appropriate type of tile cleaning product for your tile needs.

Tile Cleaning Product Type

Choose the most effective tile cleaning product in the market. Do not settle for anything cheap but does not offer guaranteed cleaning results. Avoid using bleach, vinegar, dish washing detergent and any other household cleaners you may find resting in your cabinets. There are specific tile cleaning products that are available in hardware stores and household cleaning section of supermarkets that are designed to help rid your tiles from grouts.

pH Neutral Tile Cleaning Products

Normal daily tile cleaning will only require you to use a pH neutral solution. It does not need to be too specific because pH neutral cleaning tile products are designed for general tile cleaning, may it be made from porcelain, ceramic, granite or marble.
Alkaline Cleaning Products

If you failed to maintain the cleanliness of your tiles then you a pH neutral tile cleanser may not be sufficient. An alkaline cleaning product will be your next option. It is preferred when cleaning accumulated tile dirt brought about by grease, dirt and acid stains.

Acidic Cleaner

If you wish your tiles to look brand new and eliminate those hard to clean grouts by removing a thin layer of the grout’s top then use an acidic cleaner. Use protective hand gear when using this solution because it may be highly concentrated that it can damage your skin.

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