Floor Waxing Tips and Guides

Written By: Cleaners Supply Warehouse on Jan 21, 2011

Floor Waxing Tips and Guides

Tile floors have different variations. It may either be a vinyl, linoleum, ceramic, stone or quarry tiles. The first two requires simple maintenance like sweeping and mopping but the latter three requires regular floor waxing so its shine and luster can be maintained.

Floor Waxing Basics

First and foremost, floor waxing requires a very clean tile surface. Prepare the following materials before proceeding with floor waxing: dust mop or broom, detergent, tile cleaner, floor wax, cleaning cloths, mop bucket, dustpan, spray bottle, wet vacuum, and floor sealers.After securing all of these, begin by sweeping the floor. Remove all unnecessary furniture or appliances that may hinder the floor cleaning. Make it certain that you remove all the dirt and dust of the floor by using both a dry dust mop and dust pan.
Observe the surface of the floor.  Free it from any stain by using necessary tile cleaners and stain removers. Choose the proper chemical solution to apply on the surface of your tiles because some may ruin it due to extreme acidity. After removing all the tile stains, prepare in mopping it. You may use two approaches in mopping the floor. The first one requires you to use a mop bucket which will be applied on the floor while the latter recommends the use of spray bottle filled with suitable cleaning solution.
Begin mopping the area which is farthest from the door or your house’s entrance hallway. Use a left to right movement in mopping moving backwards as you inch closer to the door. After you have mopped the entire room, allow a couple of minutes for it dry.

As soon as it dries, you may now apply the liquid floor wax which you have earlier prepared. Apply it evenly on the floor’s surface. Give it approximately thirty minutes for the wax to dry before applying a second waxing. Buff the floor until you see it produce a glossy shine.
Clean all the materials and tools which you have used and store these properly for your next schedule cleaning and mopping.

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